1. Questions?

    If you wish to contact Cal Q&A on a specific subject, feel free to fill out our inquiry form. While we cannot disclose the personal information of our board members without their discretion, we are more than willing to forward the necessary information to the respective person you wish to contact.

    Cal Q&A accepts inquiries from anyone wishing to get involved, whether they be

    • prospective students,
    • newly-admitted freshmen,
    • current students interested in Cal Q&A,
    • visiting students during the summer,
    • visiting students on vacation, and especially
    • current members unable to attend Wednesday meetings.

    Feel free to inquire through the Inquiry Form and we’ll make sure to keep you informed on our upcoming events!

    Want to work together?

    For other student groups on-campus, LGBTQQIA and/or Asian student groups off-campus, community-based organizations, and any otherwise stated outreach towards Cal Q&A, please fill out the Collaborations Form.